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Andrea Salinas for State Representative


“We have already seen the devastation caused by global warming in various parts of our state. Protecting our climate is not only imperative to the sustainability of Oregon’s abundant natural resources but also to our people and our way of life.

The Clean Energy Jobs Bill, introduced in 2019 and 2020 was a monumental piece of legislation to help Oregon reduce its carbon emissions while investing in sustainable, good-paying jobs. The bills would have created a market-based carbon pricing program to help the state meet targeted greenhouse gas reduction goals while also strengthening the economy. The bills would have also invested in communities most affected by climate change, and provided incentives to certain labor sectors to become more energy efficient. I was proud to support this bill on the House floor in 2019 and I am grateful for all the support from the constituents of House District 38 on this groundbreaking legislation.

However, in a critical breakdown of the Democratic process, the Senate Republicans showed that they were unwilling to hear the voice of the majority of Oregonians on this issue. Despite their obstructionist tactics that benefit out-of-state big oil interests, I will continue to do all I can to ensure that we address Oregon’s contributions to our climate crisis."

Diesel Emission Standards

HB 2007directs the Environmental Quality Commission to establish diesel emission standards for medium and heavy-duty trucks in the Portland metro area. Older diesel engines produce significant amounts of toxic exhaust that have a measurable impact on public health. Diesel pollution affects asthma rates and respiratory illnesses, especially amongst our more vulnerable populations. I was proud to sponsor this legislation, which passed the house 44-15. It is headed to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.

Plastic Bag Ban

HB 2509 prohibits the use of thin, single-use plastic bags at retail establishments and restaurants. Plastic bags are one of the most commonly found litter items in public spaces, beaches, and state roads. I was pleased to see the entire state pass legislation that will reduce our single use plastic consumption.

Forestry bills

HB 2656, the Safe Waters Act, received a hearing in the House Energy and Environment Committee. This bill aimed to regulate forestry activity near public drinking water sources. As you may know, last summer the City of Salem had to invest millions of dollars in a water filtration system due to toxic algae blooms in Detroit Lake. As temperatures continue to rise, and sediment and other pollutants enter our waterways, potable drinking water will become increasingly expensive to filter and treat.

HB 2659, the Forestry Carbon Incentives Act, received a public hearing in the House Committee on Natural Resources. This bill aimed to require timber companies to earn their tax subsidies by creating more sustainable forestry practices. Thirty percent of the tax revenues would be invested into climate smart alternatives and forest practices for the most affected communities. While these bills did not move forward this session, they were an important first step in bringing stakeholders to the table to discuss the timber industry’s role in the climate change puzzle.

Clean Energy Jobs

Although I find it shameful that our country has backed out of the Paris Climate Accords, I am proud that Oregon has joined the US Climate Alliance, committing to meet the goals of the Accords despite the failure of leadership in Washington, D.C. Thirty-nine countries, including China, place a price on carbon pollution, and it is time for Oregon to take similar measures to protect our environment for future generations and to meet our state’s climate goals.

The Clean Energy Jobs bill will cap carbon pollution by putting a price on it and reinvesting that money in green jobs, green infrastructure, and management of our natural resources to mitigate the damage caused by climate change.

I am eager to help pass the Clean Energy Jobs bill in the coming legislative session. I was pleased to read in an OPB article that Senate President Peter Courtney gave his commitment to championing the bill when he said, “I’ve told everybody, we’re going to do this in ‘19 or don’t bother coming.”

Andrea meeting with constituents advocating during the Clean Energy Jobs Lobby Day at the Capitol

Clean Fuels Program

In 2009, as the lead advocate for the Oregon Environmental Council for four years, I led the lobbying efforts on the first legislatively passed clean fuels program in the nation to fight climate change.

BPA in Baby Bottles

In 2011, I worked to remove the toxic chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) from baby bottles. The bill passed the Senate, but a lack of a progressive majority in the House prevented the legislation from becoming state law. As disappointing as that defeat felt, I didn’t give up. I turned my focus to Multnomah County where I helped to pass a similar ban to remove the harmful chemical from retail shelves in Multnomah County later that same year.

Toxics in Children’s Products

Expanding on my work after the BPA fight, I took on the toy and chemical industry with a bill to remove harmful chemicals from children’s products. Because of my continued advocacy, the Toxic Free Kids Act finally became law in 2015!

Public Lands

I have led conservation coalitions in Salem for the past several years to acquire private lands and place them in the public stewardship along the Deschutes River. I also worked with coalitions under the America Wilderness Campaign to protect O&C lands and the Owyhee Canyonlands for permanent monument designation.

Oregon League of Conservation Voters

I served on the Board of Directors of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters for eight years, working to pass pro-environment legislation, fundraising for pro-environment candidates and holding elected officials accountable.


We must find a way to provide adequate health care to all Oregonians. Medical illness and debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy and missed work and school days. Until we can provide foundational health care for all, we cannot fulfill Oregon's economic potential.


Full funding of our k-12 education system is a top priority for me. Too many of our students are not workforce-ready because we don't give them all the education they need. We have graduation and post-secondary education goals in place but our teachers and students can't be expected to achieve them without adequate resources.


We have already seen the devastation caused by global warming in various parts of our state. Protecting the climate is not only imperative to our economic prosperity and environmental sustainability, but also to our people and way of life as Oregonians.

Andrea Salinas

Meet Andrea

I’ve had the honor and privilege to serve as the Oregon State Representative for House District 38, Southwest Portland and Lake Oswego, since September 2017. Prior to my service as a state representative, I worked on the frontlines of politics to protect and pass policies that help women and children, working people, seniors, and the environment.

I’m ready to continue to lead as your State Representative and do it in a way that brings people along, leaves the door open, reaches out to lift others up and puts more chairs at the table. This is the type of leadership we need at Oregon’s State Capitol. I ask for your support to re-elect Andrea Salinas for State Representative.

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