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Andrea Salinas for State Representative

Ensuring Safety and Security for Oregon Workers

"Working Oregonians deserve certainty and protection in their employment. This year, the Oregon Legislature passed a statewide Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance program so that no Oregonian has to decide between paying their bills and taking care of a sick loved one, or a new baby."

Family Medical Leave Insurance

HB 2005, better known as Family Medical Leave Insurance, creates a self-sustaining insurance program administered by the state that will provide much needed leave to new parents, workers caring for loved ones, or workers in need of medical leave. The United States lags behind other nations in supporting workers when they need time off to care for their own health or that of a family member. I was a proud sponsor of this bill.

Workplace Fairness Act

SB 726, the Workplace Fairness Act, seeks to protect Oregonians from workplace harassment and discrimination. The bill creates provisions that balance the playing field between workers and employers, and lays out a clear path of recourse for workers who are harassed or discriminated against. Too often, survivors of harassment find that they do not know who they can report to, and if they report, they are often discredited or their harasser faces little to no consequences. I was proud to chief sponsor SB 726.


We must find a way to provide adequate health care to all Oregonians. Medical illness and debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy and missed work and school days. Until we can provide foundational health care for all, we cannot fulfill Oregon's economic potential.


Full funding of our k-12 education system is a top priority for me. Too many of our students are not workforce-ready because we don't give them all the education they need. We have graduation and post-secondary education goals in place but our teachers and students can't be expected to achieve them without adequate resources.


We have already seen the devastation caused by global warming in various parts of our state. Protecting the climate is not only imperative to our economic prosperity and environmental sustainability, but also to our people and way of life as Oregonians.

Andrea Salinas

Meet Andrea

I’ve had the honor and privilege to serve as the Oregon State Representative for House District 38, Southwest Portland and Lake Oswego, since September 2017. Prior to my service as a state representative, I worked on the frontlines of politics to protect and pass policies that help women and children, working people, seniors, and the environment.

I’m ready to continue to lead as your State Representative and do it in a way that brings people along, leaves the door open, reaches out to lift others up and puts more chairs at the table. This is the type of leadership we need at Oregon’s State Capitol. I ask for your support to re-elect Andrea Salinas for State Representative.

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